In this preview of the SSA Annual Conference in November, Dr Roth talks to the SSA about the UnityPhilly app and other technologies being used to prevent overdose.

In this SSA podcast, Alexis Roth gives us a preview of her talk at our 2022 Annual Conference. Dr Roth talks about the UnityPhilly app and wearable and other technologies that are being developed to help prevent opiate overdoses.

Alexis talks about the consumer led way in which the app was designed as well as her experiences working with technology companies:

“…they had already built the sort of ‘Uber-for-overdose’ component where it’s like ‘You signal, we alert, we can geofence these things’. That part was there. But then trying to work with them to customise it, to make it simpler, more streamlined, more like what you might find on a game kind of app was a challenge. And something we are still working towards”

She also talks about developing a wearable biosensor that fits in people’s underwear that monitors respiratory rate. As well as the next steps in developing technology to identify an overdose and remotely administer naloxone.

“Technology, when done in consultation with folks who would be the end users of these products and developed to respond to their concerns, their needs …. have a lot of potential.”


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