Over the next few weeks we will regularly post videos from addiction conferences in 2019.

Many of you now working from home will be missing those conversations that happen by chance in kitchens, stairwells or over coffee, where you get a glimpse into other people’s research. These conversations help us feel connected to the wider addiction research community and can provide welcome new perspectives on our own research.

We hope that these videos from world leading researchers might help fill that gap. All presented in short segments designed to last roughly long as it takes to make a cup of tea.

We hope you all stay safe.

Today, contingency management:

First, Nicola Metrebian and Carol-Ann Getty talk about the challenges of delivering contingency management in real-life addiction treatment settings, and their research into delivering contingency management using mobile phones.


Second, Sarah Byford discusses issues of cost-effectiveness when treatment involves paying service users; and how to balance this alongside quality of life, health outcomes and treatment retention.


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