Engagement Grants

The Society offers Engagement Grant funding for initiatives that increase the scientific understanding of addiction and its treatment. The application deadlines for 2023 are 28 April and 29 September.


We encourage applicants to be creative when applying for Engagement Grants. Past successful projects have included Delphi processes, citizen’s juries, multimedia projects producing healthcare materials, conferences, convening groups to review an area of work, and local pilot prevention schemes.

To receive funding, applications must come from settings that have appropriate governance structures in place (e.g. projects will usually need to be set within a university or clinical setting). We do not support primary research projects, projects where the funding would effectively constitute a researcher’s salary, or projects that also receive support from, or are associated with, the alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or cannabis industries.


If your application is successful, we will work with you to produce content for publication on our website. The number of pieces of output will depend on the needs and size of the project, but might include an article introducing the project, one about the subject area, and one outlining findings and/or achievements. They could be written or in the form of a podcast or video.

Any publications arising from the project must acknowledge the SSA as the source of the funding.


Applications for Engagement Grants must demonstrate how they will align with the SSA’s overall aims and objectives. Specifically, we would like to encourage proposals that involve collaboration between policy, practice, and people with lived experience, and proposals that address health inequalities.

We award Engagement Grant funding twice every year. There is a maximum allocation of £30,000 per project. The maximum funding for conferences will typically be £5,000.

The deadlines for 2023 are as follows:

  • 28 April
  • 29 September

Applications must be via the online form below. You will receive an email confirmation that you have successfully submitted the form. Applicants will be informed of decisions within one month of the submission deadline.

Please do not schedule any costed activities until two months after the submission.

Submission checklist

The Engagement Grants form below should be completed in full. As part of this, you will be required to attach the following documents:

  • CV of lead: The proposer must be a single individual who will liaise with the Society on behalf of your team
  • Full budget
  • Timetable

Contractual arrangements

Financial support under the SSA Engagement Grants scheme is provided subject to a contract between the SSA and the Member / Associate or an institution they represent. Therefore, any offer or agreement by the SSA to provide funding is subject to contract. Once funding has been discussed and agreed upon, the SSA will provide the applicant with a contract for the funding in the SSA’s standard form. The terms of this contract will only be amended under exceptional circumstances and the SSA may withdraw any offer or agreement of funding if the contract terms are not agreed upon by all parties within a reasonable period.

Please contact Graham if you have any questions.

Application form

  • Section A – About you and your team

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Section B - About your proposal

  • 10,000 character limit
  • 1,000 character limit
  • 3,500 character limit
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.