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Careers in addiction: The ‘governance jigsaw’ and other things to know about becoming a charity trustee
The SSA is looking for new people to join its Board of Trustees...
Created On: 11 September 2023   (Last updated: 11 September 2023)
Interview Podcast
How medication can be used to treat co-occurring ADHD and addiction
Professor Wim van den Brink will be giving the SSA’s Society Lecture...
Created On: 16 August 2023   (Last updated: 16 August 2023)
Qualitative researchers discuss…methamphetamine use in northern Thailand
Colleagues from the Qualitative Methods Journal Club discuss how 'ya ba' has materialised as...
Created On: 11 August 2023   (Last updated: 14 August 2023)
Vicarious trauma among addiction nurses
Nicki Annunziata talks to the SSA about her research into how addiction nurses...
Created On: 04 August 2023   (Last updated: 04 August 2023)
Blog Policy
Fun and friction in gambling policy: A commentary on the UK Government’s new proposals
Rob Calder compares the 2023 gambling white paper with the 2021 drug strategy...
Created On: 21 July 2023   (Last updated: 21 July 2023)
Are no- and low-alcohol drinks having a positive impact, negative impact, or no impact?
Professor John Holmes talks about the arguments for and against...
Created On: 14 July 2023   (Last updated: 14 July 2023)
Qualitative researchers discuss…the problems with the ageing cohort theory
Colleagues from the Qualitative Methods Journal Club discuss factors that contribute towards overdose deaths...
Created On: 13 July 2023   (Last updated: 14 August 2023)
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Oddities and commodities: The sometimes confusing and contradictory functions of alcohol in society
In the third edition of "Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity”...
Created On: 12 July 2023   (Last updated: 12 July 2023)
Qualitative researchers discuss…the lived effects of prison drugs policy
The Qualitative Methods Journal Club (QMJC) is an SSA-funded initiative...
Created On: 26 June 2023   (Last updated: 26 June 2023)
Organisations respond to the UK Government’s gambling proposals
Are stakeholders convinced by plans to deliver 'gambling reform for the digital age'?
Created On: 16 June 2023   (Last updated: 16 June 2023)
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