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QMJC April 2022: ‘Key informants’ and intersectionality in mixed-methods research
The latest discussion from the Qualitative Methods Journal Club (QMJC) is now available online...
Created On: 16 May 2022   (Last updated: 16 May 2022)
QMJC Research
Addiction Lives: Paul Roman
In this occasional series in conjunction with the SSA’s journal Addiction, we record the views and personal...
Created On: 11 May 2022   (Last updated: 11 May 2022)
Interview Policy Treatment & therapies
Addiction Lives: Paul Roman [Annotated Bibliography]
Key reading from Paul Roman’s body of work and to accompany his Addiction Lives...
Created On: 11 May 2022   (Last updated: 11 May 2022)
Publications Research
Podcast: Employment and ‘IPS into work’ with WDP
Rob talks to WDP about the challenges and rewards of running an IPS employment...
Created On: 05 May 2022   (Last updated: 05 May 2022)
Podcast Treatment & therapies
Videos: How to communicate your research effectively
Watch two new videos from the Early Career Research Network event on science communication...
Created On: 04 May 2022   (Last updated: 04 May 2022)
Help/Advice Researchers
SSA names new Head of Communications
Rob Calder takes on this new role in the SSA, building the Society’s capacity...
Created On: 26 April 2022   (Last updated: 26 April 2022)
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Understanding the health impacts of smoke-free prison policies
Dr Emily Tweed blogs for the SSA website about an evaluation of smoke-free prisons...
Created On: 25 April 2022   (Last updated: 26 April 2022)
Blog Policy Research
‘Words matter’: from pejorative to people-first, stigmatising to strengths-based
Natalie Davies writes about why it might be time to...
Created On: 25 April 2022   (Last updated: 25 April 2022)
SSA podcast: The naloxone special
For this special episode of Addictions Edited, Rob visits a London treatment service to...
Created On: 21 April 2022   (Last updated: 21 April 2022)
Podcast Research Treatment & therapies
In the news: ‘Levelling up’ and substance use
The 2021 UK drug strategy incorporated references to the ‘levelling-up agenda’...
Created On: 14 April 2022   (Last updated: 14 April 2022)
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