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SSA PhD symposium 2020 – career advice panel
By Merve Mollaahmetoglu The SSA PhD symposium ended with a great career panel with Dr...
Created On: 13/01/2021   (Last updated: 12/01/2021)
Research Researchers
Addiction Audio Professors Robert West and John Marsden
The latest podcast from Addiction Audio (the podcast from the journal Addiction) comprises an...
Created On: 08/01/2021   (Last updated: 07/01/2021)
Education & training Research
Reflections on attending the SSA PhD Symposium 2020
By Olivia Sexton (University of Sheffield, UK) “At the start of November 2020, I...
Created On: 07/01/2021   (Last updated: 07/01/2021)
News Research
New Editor-in-Chief at Addiction Journal
After 16 years, Professor Robert West has retired as Editor-in-Chief of Addiction Journal. From...
Created On: 05/01/2021   (Last updated: 05/01/2021)
News Researchers
Professor Kathleen M. Carroll, 1958 to 2020
Professor Kathleen M. Carroll died on 28 December 2020 following a short illness. Professor...
Created On: 04/01/2021   (Last updated: 04/01/2021)
Education & training Research Researchers
PhD Addicted to Research: the first few weeks
The first few weeks of your PhD can be confusing. In this podcast, Chloe,...
Created On: 23/12/2020   (Last updated: 21/12/2020)
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SSA membership renewal on 1 January 2021
Membership / Associateship Is your membership up to date? All memberships expire with the...
Created On: 21/12/2020   (Last updated: 21/12/2020)
Research Treatment & therapies
The SURE Recovery app: Jo Neale talks to the SSA
The SURE Recovery SMART phone app was launched in 2019.  It was developed with...
Created On: 17/12/2020   (Last updated: 17/12/2020)
Research Researchers
PhD Symposium Session 2.0: Addiction and mental health comorbidities
By Thomas Swanton (University of Sydney, Australia) This session drew attention to the compounding...
Created On: 15/12/2020   (Last updated: 11/12/2020)
Research Treatment & therapies
Smoking cessation for cannabis users: The SSA talks to Hannah Walsh
Hannah Walsh is a mental health nurse, and a PhD candidate at the Florence...
Created On: 10/12/2020   (Last updated: 08/12/2020)
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