At the SSA Annual Conference in November 2021, Professor Colin Drummond chaired a session on addiction training opportunities in Europe, with speakers Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes, Professor Jørgen Bramness, and Professor Julia Sinclair. There is an early highlight in the session, when Professor Drummond presents an award for contributions to European addiction research.

The 2021 conference featured a joint symposium between the Society for the Study of Addiction (SSA) and European Federation of Addiction Societies (EUFAS). Professor Colin Drummond chaired the session in his first official duty as president of EUFAS, and presented Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes with an award for her contribution to European addiction research:

“[The academic journal] European Addiction Research and EUFAS make an annual award to an individual who has made the greatest contribution to European addiction research, and I’m delighted to say that this year the award goes to Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes […]. Of her many contributions, Anne has succeeded in making neuroscience and neuropharmacology accessible and relevant to clinicians. I would also add that she’s an exemplary role model for women in science, and women in addictions science in particular.” Professor Colin Drummond

In her presentation, Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes described the importance of research training in addictions for clinicians and non-clinicians. Following this, Professor Jørgen Bramness presented the preliminary findings of a survey of 25 European countries about  disparities in addiction training. And finally, Professor Julia Sinclair talked about how to improve addiction competencies in the UK. Watch the full session below:

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