We are very pleased to announce the award of 2018’s SSA Griffith Edwards Academic Fellowship to Dr Inge Kersbergen, who will move to the University of Sheffield to undertake her Fellowship, on alcohol-related health and social problems. Amongst a range of options to reduce the burden that these place on the NHS and social services, Inge will investigate interventions affecting the price and availability of alcohol, and providing up-to-date information on harm risks. She will study the effectiveness of ‘serving size’ interventions, which seek to lower consumption through, for example, modifying glassware or packaging. Two-thirds of alcohol is consumed at home and therefore she aims to develop an intervention targeting shop-bought alcohol. Her fellowship will be based around a series of studies to 1) map packaging sizes available in shops and explore the association between preferred packaging sizes and consumption levels; 2) investigate the effect of serving size reductions in the home on alcohol consumption over multiple drinking occasions; 3) in collaboration with policy stakeholders and alcohol consumers, develop and pilot a feasible serving size intervention.

Congratulations also to our three new PhD Studentship appointments!

Jo-Anne Puddephat, University of Liverpool: ‘The socioeconomic patterning of alcohol misuse and mental disorder comorbidity’.

Maike Klein, University of Bath: ‘(Re)Conceptualization of Relapse: Recovery Narratives of Young Adult Service Users in the UK who Survived Multiple Relapses from Alcohol-and Drug Addiction’.

Zoe Swithenbank, Liverpool John Moore’s University: ‘Psychosocial Interventions for Smoking Cessation in Substance Misuse Treatment Services’.

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