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By Dr Inge Kersbergen (University of Sheffield)

The final session of the PhD Symposium was on treatment and recovery. Unfortunately, our first speaker had to drop out, so we only had two presentations in this session. 

The first speaker was Jane Horrell from Plymouth University. Jane described the process of testing and monitoring treatment fidelity in a multiple behaviour change intervention for smokers who want to reduce, but not quit. She discussed how it is important to test fidelity at different stages in the intervention delivery process and she used interviews with staff and participants, and observations of sessions to do so. This work is still ongoing and we are looking forward to the final results.

Our final speaker was Emma Smith from the University of Worcester who used photovoice to investigate recovery from substance misuse. Participants from a recovery service were asked to take photos of people, places and things that were meaningful to them and create captions for their photos. Participants played an important role from the start of Emma’s project and selected the theme for the photos. The project is still in progress and the photos will be exhibited in February 2021 in Bristol. Emma was very frank about her experiences using Photovoice and we had a great discussion about the benefits and challenges.


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