The SSA’s 75th Annual Conference last week was, as ever, an inspiring event. As in 2020, the conference was online, with people attending from across the world. Over the two days, we had delegates from 15 countries for a packed agenda that included 46 speakers and 56 posters.

We recorded all the sessions and videos are now available for delegates. Those discussions, lectures, plenaries and symposia will be released online for non-delegates in early 2022 (so watch this space). In the meantime, we are delighted to announce the poster prize winners.

There were six prizes this year; three for students and three for non-students. In each category there was an overall winner, and winners for inclusivity and visual presentation.

Student prizes 2021

Overall winner – Amber Copeland

Judges comments: This poster was beautifully set out with helpful visuals, it was accessible and easy to follow. And it had a serious and important message with implications for future research.

Inclusion prize – Philippa Case

Judges comments: This was beautifully set out and clear to follow. And what appears to be quite a simple result, offers profound insight into future applications of brief interventions for alcohol research, with huge potential implications.

Best visual poster – Christina Schell

Judges comments: The visual presentation was impressive. The results were accessible, and presented an important message, as little is known about this subject and further research is necessary.

Non-student prizes 2021

Overall winner – Philip Newall

Judges comments: This was a clever topic, with great visuals. It was well presented, and included someone with lived experience of the topic area.

Inclusion prize – Rebecca Odedra

Judges comments: This was topical and a good evaluation of Individual Placement Support into work and has real world implications for people with lived experience of substance use.

Best visual poster – Cathy Kelleher

Judges comments: This was beautifully presented both visually and verbally, and easy to understand.

The judges also wanted to give a special mention to Raj Singh Badhan, Lee Middleton and Arun Dhandayudham and Devon De Silva for their fantastic work too.

Next year’s conference will be in Bristol on 3 and 4 November 2022. The PhD Symposium will be on 2 November. We look forward to seeing you there.

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