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*PLEASE NOTE* This page will no longer be updated – please see our COVID-19 Hot Topic for access to regularly updated resources on COVID-19


Here is a list of links to information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) including national guidance, information for treatment services, harm reduction advice for people who use drugs, online courses and news and opinion. We will update this page as information comes in but if you know of any useful resources that we have not listed, please contact us.


National guidance:

NHS guidance on COVID-19: click here

Information from the UK government: click here

Advice for people who may have COVID-19 from Public Health England (PHE): click here

COVID-19: guidance for commissioners and providers of services for people who use drugs or alcohol updated 15 May 2020

Scottish Drug Foundation Updated guidance for contingency planning for services during COVID-19

New practice briefing ‘Family Drug and Alcohol Courts under Covid-19’

WHO statement: Tobacco use and COVID-19

COVID-19: advice from PHE on stopping drinking for people dependent on alcohol during COVID-19 pandemic: click here

The Misuse of Drugs (Coronavirus) (Amendments Relating to the Supply of Controlled Drugs During a Pandemic etc.) Regulations 2020: Written statement  UK Parliament: click here

General Pharmaceutical Council update on new legislation relating to controlled drugs during the COVID-19 pandemic: click here

Tobacco control during the COVID-19 pandemic: how we can help Statement from the Head of the WHO Convention Secretariat, Dr Adriana Blanco Marquizo: click here

PHE have issued new advice (29 March) for the public on the mental health and well-being aspects of COVID-19 with information for people with specific mental health problems and on getting help in a crisis: click here

Royal Society for Public Health Statement on COVID-19: click here

Release, a UK based advice service on drugs and drug law, has outlined advice for people who use drugs: click here

Guidance on COVID-19 in pregnancy from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: click here

Information from the government of Ireland: click here

EU guidance on COVID-19: click here

Guidance on school closures in the UK, including a list of those considered to be key staff. This includes NHS staff and health and social care staff including volunteers: click here

NHS Speciality Guide – Clinical guide for the management of people with alcohol dependence during the COVID-19 pandemic (PDF): click here

COVID-19 guidance for commissioners and service providers for those dependent on drugs or alcohol: click here

Guidance on COVID-19 testing for front-line workers who are self-isolating: click here

Guidance documents and resources from Irish National Social Inclusion Office about COVID-19 and addiction: click here

Statement by the UN expert on the right to health on the protection of people who use drugs during the COVID-19 pandemic: click here

US Government for the latest COVID-19 updates: click here 




Treatment services:

Covid-19 Play it Safe- information on how to stay safe from New Zealand Drug Foundation

EMCDDA – COVID-19 resources page for people who use drugs (PWUD) and drug service providers

Redesigning Addiction and Recovery Services in a COVID-19 World USA: click here

Collective Voice has a page of information and links for treatment services, including information on CQC inspections: click here

Adfam: click here

Alcoholics Anonymous (along with contact details for enquiries about meetings): click here

Care Grow Live (CGL) has an advice page for people who use their services: click here

Humankind: click here

Narcotics Anonymous UK: click here

We Are With You treatment services: click here

Guidance for psychiatrists working in mental health settings from the Royal College of Psychiatrists: click here 

Regularly updated resources from collective voice: click here

Information on homelessness and coronavirus from Homeless Link: click here

The Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association on monitoring coronavirus in Australia: click here

Guidance for alcohol services from Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems: click here for PDF

Advice for pharmacists from The Pharmaceutical Journal: click here

Guidance from the American Society of Addiction Medicine: click here

Guidance on supporting communities from the Australian Alcohol and Drug Foundation: click here

The Royal College of Psychiatrists set has up a new website on coronavirus and mental health: click here 

International Drug Policy Consortium: resources and information for those working in or managing residential rehabs – available in both English and Spanish: click here

Letter from the Home Secretary to the Chair of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) relaxing regulations on prescribing controlled drugs: click here

Scottish Government announces extra support for people affected by alcohol and drug use during the coronavirus pandemic: click here

Contact SMART recovery for details about support whilst lock-down measures are in place: click here

A briefing from Adfam on alcohol and domestic violence in the context of COVID-19 restrictions: click here

Drugs Research Network Scotland rapid review of international approaches to the continuity and safety of Opiate Replacement Therapies during the Covid-19 pandemic (PDF): click here

Drugs Research Network Scotland link to worldwide documents relating to harm reduction and treatment: click here  

Free 12-step meetings from American Addiction Centers: click here

SHAAP update their guidance on Alcohol and COVID-19: click here

Remote prescribing guidance for health and justice sites During the COVID-19 pandemic (PDF): click here

SAMHSA releasing $110 Million in Emergency Grant Funding for Substance Use Treatment and Mental Health Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic: click here

Accessing Drug Services during COVID-19: Relations Radio talks to Dr Emily Finch, Addictions Clinical Director at South London Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust: click here

Scottish Drug Forum COVID-19 information hub: click here 

Scottish Drug Forum database shows COVID-19 updates to drug treatment & injecting equipment service delivery across Scotland: click here

Additional $6 million from the Australian Government to support drug and alcohol services during COVID-19: click here



Harm reduction advice:

The British HIV Association has produced a list of HIV organisations providing support during the COVID-19 pandemic: click here

The Provision of Needle and Syringe Programmes during the COVID-19 lock-down: click here

Gambling Research Exchange Ontario Resources for Safer Gambling During COVID-19: click here

Guidance from the Scottish Drugs Forum on contingency planning for people who use drugs: click here

Talking Drugs: click here

The Harm Reduction Coalition: click here

UISCE resources from Ireland: click here

From Transform: click here

A briefing from the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health: click here

Resources from the European Harm Reduction Networks: click here

Support from Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs: click here for supportclick here for FAQs

Harm reduction advice from US based Dovetail: click here

The US National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) on how coronavirus might affect people who use drugs: click here

Alcohol Change UK: includes tips for managing drinking, links to support, and guidance for professionals: click here

DDN (Drink and Drug News): essential harm reduction advice on coronavirus through a comprehensive leaflet: click here

Canadian Drug Policy Coalition coronavirus harm reduction resource – insight and guidance on best practices for people who use drugs and healthcare providers: click here

ADFAM  10 top tips for family members that are staying at home (pdf) and  6 Ideas for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing (pdf)

Cochrane Library Special Collection on effective options for quitting smoking during the pandemic: click here

Coronavirus resources from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) for people who use drugs and for drug service providers: click here

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) suggestions about treatment, care and rehabilitation of people with drug use disorder in the context of coronavirus: click here

Latest COVID-19 resources around alcohol from the Royal College of Psychiatrists: click here

Clinical and patient care research and harm reduction resources related to Covid-19| HSE Ireland: click here

WHO Europe Office Alcohol and COVID-19 – what you need to know. Addressing, among other things, the misinformation that is being spread about alcohol and COVID-19: click here

The International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease – statement on COVID-19 and Smoking: click here

Professor Robert West’s advice to smokers on COVID-19: click here

NHSSMPA harm reduction guide: COVID-19 & Alcohol Dependency: Looking after yourself during lock-down: click here

The SFP Coalition statement on COVID-19 focuses on the importance of tobacco control for public health: click here

CCSA & Mental Health Canada Fact sheets with tips on how to manage stress and reduce the harms associated with using alcohol, cannabis and other substances during the COVID-19 pandemic: click here




Other resources:

A course about coronavirus from Future Learn: click here

Data from the ONS about coronavirus, employment and home working: click here

Royal College of Physicians of Ireland Online Lecture Series on COVID-19: click here

Impacts of coronavirus on substance use in Canada. The Canadian Centre on Substance use and Addiction (CCSA) web page featuring sites and articles around the world as well as original publications from CCSA: click here

Resources from the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) about coronavirus: click here


Research / Briefings / Evidence

YouTube as a source of information on COVID-19: a pandemic of misinformation?

Addiction Journal Bibliography on COVID-19 and addiction: click here

Public health messaging and harm reduction in the time of COVID-19: click here

Alcohol & Drug Foundation, Australia -‘ Changing your drinking habits’ find out about the six signs that home isolation could be impacting your drinking: click here

Open versus Closed: The Risks Associated with Retail Liquor Stores during COVID-19 briefing from CCSA (in French & English): click here

EMCDDA special report: COVID-19 and drugs – Drug supply via darknet markets: click here

The Lancet has created a coronavirus Resource Centre. This resource brings together new COVID-19 content from across The Lancet journals as it is published and is free to access: click here

British Columbia Centre on Substance Use (Canada) COVID-19 resources: click here

A report from Imperial College London on the global impact of COVID-19: click here

A new study from UCL into the psychological and social effects of COVID-19: click here

All call for experts from the Knowledge Exchange Unit, UK parliament: click here

BMJ Tobacco Control: resources, research and news about COVID-19 and smoking, vaping and other tobacco products: click here

COVID-19: the science explained. This website from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), will be regularly updated with the latest science information behind the COVID-19 outbreak: click here

From Public Health England (PHE): emerging evidence from China shows smokers with COVID-19 are 14 times more likely to develop severe respiratory disease: click here

The March issue of Health Research Board Library newsletter contains Irish and international resources on COVID-19: click here

BJGP Open is rapidly publishing research and editorials on COVID-19, and will be collecting all articles here 

Cochrane Clinical Answers related to COVID-19 including CCAs (free) on effective options for quitting smoking during the pandemic: click here

‘Smoking, vaping and hospitalization for COVID-19’ Qeios: click here

World Health Organisation (WHO) COVID-19 database – the latest scientific findings and knowledge on COVID-19. The global literature cited in the database is updated daily: click here

WHO EMRO &   , – COVID-19  ( English and Arabic ): click here

CCSA Report: COVID-19 and Cannabis Smoking and Vaping: Four Things You Should Know: click here

Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) survey shows that 20% of Australians purchased more alcohol and 70% of them are drinking more alcohol than normal, with one third now using alcohol daily during the COVID-19 pandemic: click here

ASH Scotland Briefing on COVID-19 and Smoking: click here

NDARC’s research response to COVID-19: click here

COVID-19 and smoking: resources, research and news: BMJ Tobacco Control: click here 



News and opinion:

The two faces of the tobacco industry during the COVID-19 pandemic – BMJ Tobacco Control blog

How People Find Pot: A Global Perspective: from Points: The Blog of the Alcohol & Drugs History Society

Drinking and wellbeing in lockdown – findings from survey of Club Soda members

Coronavirus: why the law on morphine should be loosened Ian Hamilton writes for The Conversation

RSPH ‘Covid-19 and Smoking: Act Now to Prevent a Health Calamity from Happening

Tsunami of Need – Phoenix Chief Exec writes about the impact of COVID-19 on the people who rely on drug and alcohol treatment services.

Statnews in the US on the implications for methadone programmes: click here

A BMJ blog by Ian Hamilton about the harms for vulnerable people: click here

A BMJ blog on the role of smoking cessation during respiratory virus epidemics: click here

An article from Forbes about US treatment services: click here

How to spot COVID-19 fake news – an expert guide from The Conversation: click here

BMJ blog on water-pipes and tobacco: click here

A Tobacco Control blog about smoking and COVID-19: click here

Alcohol and the Outbreak – Challenges and Solutions. Listen to a discussion about how to respond to the radically new conditions COVID-19 creates for those working to reduce alcohol harm: click here

Smokeless tobacco use and the COVID-19 pandemic Dr Arjun  Singh and Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi discuss smokeless tobacco use and the spread of the disease: click here

The Converstaion: how COVID-19 is changing the market for illegal drugs: click here

Addiction Editorial: mitigating and learning from the impact of COVID‐19 infection on addictive disorders: click here

The tobacco industry in the time of COVID-19: time to shut it down? BMJ Tobacco Control editorial:

Mental Elf Blog: Cheers Covid-19: Will we consume more alcohol during this crisis? click here

How are British drinking habits shifting under lockdown? click here

Ian Hamilton: Is alcohol really “essential” during covid-19? click here

COVID-19: we must take urgent action to avoid an increase in problem gambling and gambling related harms: click here

Alcohol Change UK blog Drinking during lockdown: headline findings: New research reveals how UK drinking habits have: click here

Blog – Tobacco Control ‎: Smoking history is an important risk factor for severe COVID-19: click here

Global Drug Survey : COVID-19 Conversations with Prof. Alison Ritter from University of New South Wales, Sydney – video: click here

Will COVID-19 change our drinking habits long term? click here

NIH Directors Blog ‘Coping with the Collision of Public Health Crises: COVID-19 and Substance Use Disorders’: click here

Canadians Under 54 Drinking More While at Home Due to COVID-19 Pandemic: click here

‘How the coronavirus is putting our relationship with alcohol to the test’ from The Conversation, Ian Hamilton: click here

BMJ Blog ‘Covid-19 and addiction—a secret burden during this pandemic’: click here

Talking Drugs on COVID-19 Decarceration: The Detention Centres Nobody is Talking About: click here

Online gambling risks during COVID-19 lock-down: click here

The tobacco industry is trying to get cigarettes classified as an ‘essential’ item during lock-down: click here

When Epidemics Collide: COVID-19 and the Opioid Crisis | Ann Intern Med: click here

From Ebola to COVID-19. Is all nicotine bad nicotine? An epidemiologist’s reflections: click here

Does COVID-19 mean alcohol is now considered a drug: click here

Redesigning Addiction and Recovery Services in a COVID-19 World USA: click here

BMJ Blog: How are we assisting our most disadvantaged during COVID-19? click here

CASAT On Demand (USA) – behavioural health resources – COVID-19: click here


Non addiction specific resources

A BMJ blog on trust and expertise on social media: click here

The European Medicines Agency warns about buying unregistered medicines: click here

A statment from the Irish Medical Organisation and the Irish College of General Practitioners on testing protocols: click here

Could location-tracking apps stop COVID-19? click here

ONS round up of the latest data and analysis related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our economy and society: click here: click here

NHS Employers website most recent updates to COVID-19 guidance for workforce leaders are highlighted on the Updates include guidance on deploying medical students, deploying returning doctors, overseas recruitment, and death in service benefits. The complete collection of workforce guidance can be found here


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