SSA Membership

For the current annual membership fee of £85 ($175 if paying by US dollar cheque), the SSA offers not one, but both SSA journals.

Compare this with the cost of subscriptions to Addiction* and Addiction Biology**: over £1,000 per year!

Membership also offers:

  • Exclusive access to the SSA’s academic and project funding schemes
  • Reduced enrolment fee for the SSA’s Annual Conference, with opportunities for personal interaction with other members and an invitation to present your own work
  • An opportunity for your personal involvement in the SSA’s ongoing work
  • Access to the SSA library at the Wellcome Institute in London
  • Electronic access through the SSA’s website to people with shared professional and scholarly interests based in many different countries

*Members joining from 1 July onwards are eligible to receive all hard-copy issues, July-December. Pay before 1 July to receive all issues for the year. All memberships expire on 31st December.

**Only online subscriptions available.

Please note: it is a condition of membership that we record each member’s home address, and copies of the Society journals will only be sent to home addresses. As Society membership includes a free personal subscription to Addiction, representing a significant discount on the standard price, this is offered on equivalent terms to a standard personal subscription.

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