Delegate Speakers - SSA Annual Conference 2018

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DELEGATE SESSION 1: Developing Interventions for Addictions

Joël Tremblay Efficacy of a randomized controlled trial of Integrative Couple Treatment for Pathological Gambling (ICT-PG): 18 month follow-up
Anne Whittaker
Behavioural Couples Therapy (BCT) for the treatment of addiction in the UK: can parents with children benefit?
Andy Irving
Alcohol Intoxication Management Services in the night-time economy are highly acceptable to their users but may not reduce demand on emergency services as expected: A mixed methods study
Joanna Kesten
SUPPORT (South Gloucestershire Pain Review Pilot) Study: a mixed methods evaluation

DELEGATE SESSION 2: Advancing the Evidence Base

Dennis Gorman Use of publication procedures to improve research integrity by alcohol and other drug journals
Peter Dutey-Magni Abreast of health: Feasibility, acceptability and usability of an opportunistic digital Alcohol Brief Intervention in women attending symptomatic breast clinics
Caitlin Notley
Preventing return to smoking postpartum (PReS study) – development of an evidence based complex intervention for maintaining positive behaviour change
Advancing the evidence base: Q and A

DELEGATE SESSION 3: Understanding the needs of vulnerable populations

Sarah Fox
A chicken and egg scenario: Acknowledging women’s history in drug and alcohol service provision
Polly Radcliffe
The contribution of substance use in intimate partner violence perpetration in the accounts of men in substance use treatment and their current or ex-female partners
Allan Tyler Optics and illusions of street drinking in East London: A thematic analysis
Hannah Carver
What, how and who? Perspectives of problem substance use treatment from those experiencing homelessness and precarious housing: Key components and methodological observations