Invited Speakers - SSA Annual Conference 2018

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Society Lecture 2018

Antoni Gual
How the use of new technologies changes the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders

Women in addiction

Moira Plant
Women in Addiction: The history of women and alcohol
Anne Lingford-Hughes
Women in Addiction: Do gender differences in the neurobiology of addiction inform treatment?
Qiana Brown
Women in Addiction: A systems perspective to prevention and treatment

The Addiction Debate 2018: This House believes current human models of addiction make preclinical research obsolete

Matt Field
The Addiction Debate 2018: Proposing the motion
Inge Kersbergen
The Addiction Debate 2018: Seconding the motion
Rainer Spanagel
The Addiction Debate 2018: Opposing the motion
Véronique Deroche-Gamonet
The Addiction Debate 2018: Opposing the motion

New psychoactive substances: problems and solutions regarding patterns of use, detection

Rob Ralphs
Caught in the Act: The unintended consequences of drug policy on NPS markets and vulnerable user groups
Lucy Webb
Cause and manner of death associated with use of NPS: a population-wide data analysis of the UK since 2007
Oliver Sutcliffe
Addressing the challenges of New Psychoactive Substance detection within frontline environments

Facilitating and enhancing long-term recovery: Science, policy, and culture

John Kelly
Recovery from alcohol and other drug problems in a nationally-representative sample of U.S. adults: Prevalence, pathways, and predictors
David Eddie
Written in the body: What biomarkers reflecting brain-body communication can tell us about addiction and addiction recovery
Keith Humphreys
Recovery as a political and cultural movement

Comprehensive, consistent and accurate: How to report research studies in the field of addiction - Workshop

Robert West
Workshop: Comprehensive, consistent and accurate: How to report research studies in the field of addiction

SSA-Funded Researchers 2018

Andrew McAuley
What difference does it make? Assessing the impact of take-home naloxone scale up internationally
Steve Sharman
Experimental work in Virtual Reality: Methodological considerations
Tom Freeman
Can THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) inform standard cannabis units?

Current issues in prescription and over-the-counter medicine abuse, misuse and dependence

Marie Claire Van Hout
Pregabalin and gabapentin use, misuse and dependence
Mayyada Wazaify
International perspectives on medicines misuse and dependence
Richard Cooper
The extent and nature of opioid analgesic dependence in primary care

New cognitive therapy approaches for cocaine use disorder

John Marsden
Memory-focused cognitive therapy (MFCT) for cocaine use disorder
Camille Goetz
Cognitive change processes in cocaine use disorder
Tim Meynen
Clinical application of Memory-Focused Cognitive Therapy

SPECIAL SESSION: The revolution of depot and implant buprenorphine as ultra-long-acting medications: What products? What benefits? What impact?

Chris Bushe
RBP-6000, a new Atrigel-based monthly subcutaneous long-acting formulation of buprenorphine
Fredrik Tiberg
CAM-2038, a new liquid-lipid crystal depot buprenorphine: a dose-ranging suite of weekly and monthly subcutaneous depot injections
Richard Rosenthal
Probuphine, a subcutaneous, implantable formulation: Constant level of buprenorphine for 6 months