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Peer support workers and hepatitis testing and treatment: The SSA talks to Julian Surey
Five minute read: There is a long history of peer support work in addiction...
Created On: 02/03/2021   (Last updated: 03/03/2021)
Policy Research
Addiction Audio: Online search behaviour and minimum unit pricing
Fifteen minute audio: In this episode of Addiction Audio Rob Calder speaks to Professor David...
Created On: 24/02/2021   (Last updated: 03/03/2021)
Education & training Research
PhD Symposium Session 4.1: Mood and Affect
By Merve Mollaahmetoglu (University of Exeter, UK) This session in the SSA PhD Symposium...
Created On: 17/02/2021   (Last updated: 16/02/2021)
Education & training Research
PhD Symposium Session 4.0: Addiction and Policy
By Maike Klein (University of Bath, UK) Session 4.0 of the SSA PhD Symposium...
Created On: 10/02/2021   (Last updated: 11/02/2021)
Education & training Research
PhD Symposium Session 3.1: Addiction and Cognition
By Maike Klein (University of Bath, UK) Session 3.1 of the PhD Symposium focused...
Created On: 03/02/2021   (Last updated: 03/02/2021)
Methods Research
Don’t be daunted! Computational modelling techniques can help us understand alcohol consumption and harm
By Jen Boyd, Dr Charlotte Buckley  and Amber Copeland  “Wow that sounds really interesting… but...
Created On: 28/01/2021   (Last updated: 28/01/2021)
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PhD Symposium Session 3.0: Interventions and Treatment
By Dr Inge Kersbergen (University of Sheffield) Session 3.0 of the PhD Symposium revolved...
Created On: 27/01/2021   (Last updated: 27/01/2021)
Research Researchers
Alcohol, mental health and socio-economic status: Jo-Anne Puddephat talks to the SSA
“A person with a mental health problem might not necessarily be more likely to drink...
Created On: 25/01/2021   (Last updated: 21/01/2021)
News Policy
UK government announces £148 million to cut drug-related crime
The UK government has announced £148 million of new investment to cut crime associated...
Created On: 20/01/2021   (Last updated: 21/01/2021)
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PhD Symposium Session 2.1: Alcohol and Opioids
By Dr Nathan Critchlow (University of Stirling) The second session of the PhD Symposium...
Created On: 20/01/2021   (Last updated: 20/01/2021)