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Who drives the complex evaluation research agenda?
New guidelines on evaluating complex interventions recommend that research focus on the questions that...
Created On: 17 December 2021   (Last updated: 17 December 2021)
Blog Research Treatment & therapies
SSA notes: MRC and NIHR guidance on evaluating complex interventions
The UK Medical Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research have updated...
Created On: 17 December 2021   (Last updated: 17 December 2021)
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SSA Annual Conference 2021: poster prize winners
The SSA’s 75th Annual Conference last week was, as ever, an inspiring event. As...
Created On: 09 November 2021   (Last updated: 09 November 2021)
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SSA PhD Symposium and Annual Conference
It’s finally arrived. This week is the SSA Annual Conference and PhD Symposium. For...
Created On: 02 November 2021   (Last updated: 02 November 2021)
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PhD addicted to research: conducting research during a pandemic
Chloe Burke talks to Dr Jenny Scott, Katy Penfold, Marie Jameson and Rebecca Dwyer...
Created On: 05 October 2021   (Last updated: 05 October 2021)
Podcast Research Researchers
Behavioural addictions and autistic spectrum conditions
Professor Sam Chamberlain from the Substance use, Alcohol and Behavioural Addictions in Autism (SABAA)...
Created On: 02 June 2021   (Last updated: 02 June 2021)
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PhD Symposium Session 5.1: Smoking and Gambling
Two minute read: By Maike Klein (University of Bath, UK) Session 5.1 of the...
Created On: 03 March 2021   (Last updated: 03 March 2021)
Education & training Research
Gambling and mental health during lock-down: Dr Steve Sharman talks to the SSA
It will be a long time before we know how the lockdowns of 2020...
Created On: 04 February 2021   (Last updated: 04 February 2021)
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PhD Symposium Session 2.0: Addiction and mental health comorbidities
By Thomas Swanton (University of Sydney, Australia) This session drew attention to the compounding...
Created On: 15 December 2020   (Last updated: 11 December 2020)
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UK government to review gambling legislation
The UK government has launched a review of gambling legislation intending to ensure that...
Created On: 08 December 2020   (Last updated: 08 December 2020)
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