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Podcast: The January take-home: with guest Dr Sharon Cox
In this episode of the SSA’s new podcast Addictions Edited, Dr Sharon Cox from...
Created On: 10 January 2022   (Last updated: 10 January 2022)
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QMJC December 2021: The social organisation of physicians’ work in the midst of the opioid crisis
The latest discussion from the Qualitative Methods Journal Club (QMJC) is now available online...
Created On: 07 January 2022   (Last updated: 07 January 2022)
QMJC Research
PhD addicted to research: conducting research during a pandemic
Chloe Burke talks to Dr Jenny Scott, Katy Penfold, Marie Jameson and Rebecca Dwyer...
Created On: 05 October 2021   (Last updated: 05 October 2021)
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Co-developing the SURE Recovery app
The SURE Recovery app is for people who are using substances, in recovery or...
Created On: 10 August 2021   (Last updated: 10 August 2021)
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What is needed to eradicate hepatitis C in Welsh prisons?
As part of the Welsh Parliament’s 2019–2021 inquiry into the provision of health and...
Created On: 29 July 2021   (Last updated: 29 July 2021)
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Research analysis: Heroin-assisted treatment piloted in North Yorkshire town
Emerging findings from the first area in the UK to obtain a Home Office...
Created On: 21 July 2021   (Last updated: 21 July 2021)
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Addiction Audio: cannabis, opioids, and the gateway hypothesis with Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson talks to Rob Calder about his recent systematic review and meta-analysis on...
Created On: 16 July 2021   (Last updated: 16 July 2021)
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QMJC June 2021: Non-carriage of take home naloxone
The latest Qualitative Methods Journal Club (QMJC) from June is now available online, focusing...
Created On: 02 July 2021   (Last updated: 02 July 2021)
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What does it mean to adopt a rights-based approach to drugs?
The Scottish government has published new ‘rights-based’ treatment standards for people who use drugs....
Created On: 30 June 2021   (Last updated: 30 June 2021)
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Research analysis: experiences of using prolonged release buprenorphine
Prolonged release buprenorphine has been bought into focus during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s like...
Created On: 25 June 2021   (Last updated: 25 June 2021)
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