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Smoking cessation for cannabis users: The SSA talks to Hannah Walsh
Hannah Walsh is a mental health nurse, and a PhD candidate at the Florence...
Created On: 10/12/2020   (Last updated: 08/12/2020)
Policy Research
Researching people placed in hotels because of homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic; Jo Neale talks to the SSA
In spring 2020, the UK Government launched the Everyone In initiative in response to...
Created On: 23/11/2020   (Last updated: 23/11/2020)
Addiction News 16 November 2020
The last couple of weeks have been big for Addiction News. Alongside the US...
Created On: 16/11/2020   (Last updated: 16/11/2020)
Kazakhstan introduces tobacco labelling regulations
Kazakhstan has introduced mandatory labelling for tobacco products to ensure market transparency and prevent...
Created On: 10/11/2020   (Last updated: 17/11/2020)
Iran launches 5-year tobacco control policy
The head of the National Secretariat of Tobacco Control in Iran, Behsad Valisadeh, has...
Created On: 16/10/2020   (Last updated: 16/10/2020)
Australia to permit prescription e-cigarettes in 2021
The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has announced that, from June 2021, vaping products...
Created On: 12/10/2020   (Last updated: 12/10/2020)
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Reading Around: drug and alcohol statistics, e-cigarettes, cannabis, gambling, and more…
The SSA’s Reading Around series provides a series of quick reference guides to several...
Created On: 07/10/2020   (Last updated: 07/10/2020)
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Stoptober 2020
The 1st October marks the beginning of Stoptober, an annual campaign created by Public...
Created On: 01/10/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)
World Health Organisation (WHO) funds smoking cessation initiative in Jordan
Jordan has become the first country to receive funding and assistance from the World...
Created On: 17/09/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)
Reductions in smoking and drinking prevalence among Czech Republic adolescents
The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD) has reported that...
Created On: 14/09/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)