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Networking, international travel, and personal development: the benefits of an SSA travelling scholarship
Qutba Al Ghafri was awarded an SSA travelling scholarship in 2022. Here she blogs...
Created On: 20 January 2023   (Last updated: 20 January 2023)
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Highlights of 2022
It was a busy year of new job roles, new colleagues, maternity leave...
Created On: 23 December 2022   (Last updated: 23 December 2022)
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Science communication vs. football in a Camden pub
Rob Calder blogs about the difficulties of science communication, against the backdrop of...
Created On: 20 December 2022   (Last updated: 20 December 2022)
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Community, choice and carrot cake: reflections on INHSU 2022
In this second blog from the International Conference on Health and Hepatitis Care in...
Created On: 22 November 2022   (Last updated: 22 November 2022)
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Peer-research, overdose prevention, safe supply and more at INHSU conference
In Early November Ben Scher joined an international group of policymakers, practitioners, community organisers,...
Created On: 21 November 2022   (Last updated: 21 November 2022)
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Reflections on being in a lived experience panel at a gambling conference
Martin Jones has lived experiences of the harms from gambling. Here, he reflects on...
Created On: 20 October 2022   (Last updated: 20 October 2022)
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Breaking the mould: Lived Experience in an Academic Conference
Steve Sharman, part of the organizing committee of the Current Advances in Gambling Research...
Created On: 19 October 2022   (Last updated: 19 October 2022)
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Finding the time to write
The publisher Wiley has lots of useful resources for researchers, educators and professionals, including...
Created On: 26 September 2022   (Last updated: 26 September 2022)
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How to write a research grant
The publisher Wiley has lots of useful resources for researchers, educators and professionals...
Created On: 23 August 2022   (Last updated: 23 August 2022)
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What impact does opioid agonist treatment have on mortality at a population level?
Matthew Hickman, Annick Borquez and Louisa Degenhardt on using linked government data to demonstrate...
Created On: 18 August 2022   (Last updated: 18 August 2022)
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