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‘PhD Addicted to Research’ podcast launched
From Wednesday 30 October, we are launching a new podcast series ‘PhD: Addicted to...
Created On: 23/09/2020   (Last updated: 15/10/2020)
Blog Research
PhD blog: dealing with the ebbs and flows of productivity
At some point, most of us will have spent a morning staring at a...
Created On: 15/07/2020   (Last updated: 15/07/2020)
Blog COVID-19 News
Addiction News: global opioid policies and treatments during COVID-19
  Global responses to the challenges of COVID-19 have varied from the innovative to...
Created On: 15/06/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)
Blog Education & training Research
PhD Blog: Surviving your PhD Upgrade
By Merve Mollaahmetoglu “The upgrade is not there to catch you out, but to...
Created On: 02/06/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)
Blog COVID-19 Featured posts News Policy
COVID-19 addiction news: global responses to lock-down
In the last month, there has been a huge increase in COVID-19 related addiction...
Created On: 06/05/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)
Blog COVID-19 Treatment & therapies
The view from the trenches: how COVID-19 has affected day-to-day drug treatment operations
Ben Houghton   “As a psychosocial therapist, I am now advising the opposite of...
Created On: 30/04/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)
Blog Education & training Research
PhD blog: looking after your mental health whilst doing a PhD during the COVID-19 global pandemic
Merve Mollaahmetoglu The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on our everyday lives...
Created On: 02/04/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)
Blog COVID-19 Research Treatment & therapies
PhD blog: oxytocin and navigating COVID-19 in new research
Ben Houghton “Who’d have thought when I was in a hotel room in Beijing...
Created On: 27/03/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)