The latest discussion from the Qualitative Methods Journal Club (QMJC) is now available online, and focuses on a study of abusive and violent policing among people who inject drugs. Of particular interest to the journal club was the use of ‘key informants’ in the research, and the decision by researchers to describe the social positioning of participants (e.g. their race and gender).

The Qualitative Methods Journal Club met in April to discuss a study about the link between structural vulnerability and experiences of abusive police encounters among people who inject drugs in California’s Central Valley.

Read the full discussion here, and see the full collection of QMJC meetings here.

Original article: Intersectional structural vulnerability to abusive policing among people who inject drugs: A mixed methods assessment in California’s central valley. By Joseph Friedman and colleagues. Published in the International Journal of Drug Policy (2021).

by Natalie Davies

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