In this episode of PhD: Addicted to Research, Rachel Coleman and Zoe Swithenbank talk about smoking cessation in drug and alcohol treatment services. Zoe talks about how a day on the Recovery Walk first made her interested in this area. they talk about including smoking in a person’s recovery plan, whilst acknowledging some of the challenges for the workforce referred to in the Dame Carol Black review.

Rachel and Zoe then talk to Dr Tom Ainscough about his research on using contingency management to support engagement with smoking cessation for people who use drugs.

“The whole point about recovery is that it’s not a quick process and it’s generally… making life better, not just removing the substance, it’s about changing life and making that better in so many different ways, and health is one of those aspects”

“[Smoking cessation is] not a priority for a lot of people, and I get that, I can see why that’s the case. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be addressing it at some point.”

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