The SSA funds up to three people each year through its post-doctoral transitional development funding scheme, which involves salary support for up to 12 months towards post-doctoral development of research applications.

About the funding scheme

The SSA’s post-doctoral transitional development scheme involves a contribution (a maximum of 50 per cent) towards a basic academic pre- or post-doctoral salary, where the person’s research proposal is relevant to, and supportive of, the aims and objectives of the SSA. The contribution amounts to approximately £20–24,000 over a maximum 12-month period (including national insurance and superannuation etc.), which is to be matched by the host university.

To be eligible to apply:

  • Applicants must either have completed their doctorate, or have submitted their thesis and be awaiting examination or undertaking corrections
  • Applicants must already be members or associates of the Society at the time of application
  • Applicants must be resident in the UK
  • Study must be undertaken at a UK institution
  • Applications are accepted at any point throughout the year
  • Where an application relates to a part-time position, then the 50 per cent funding potentially awarded by the Society applies to the part-time position (i.e. Society support would comprise up to half the costs of the part-time position)
  • Support will not be provided to candidates also in receipt of funding from the alcohol, tobacco and gambling industries

Contractual information

Financial support under the post-doctoral transitional development scheme is provided subject to a contract between the SSA and the host institution. Therefore, any offer or agreement by the SSA to provide funding is subject to contract. Once funding has been discussed and agreed, the SSA will provide the host institution with a contract for the funding in the SSA’s standard form. The terms of this contract will only be amended under exceptional circumstances and the SSA may withdraw any offer or agreement of funding if the contract terms are not agreed by all parties within a reasonable period.

How to apply

You can apply at any point in the year, using the form below. We will also ask your proposed primary academic supervisor to provide a confidential opinion on your application, your work to date, your longer-term contribution to the field, and your potential contribution to the work of the Society.

Applications take approximately four weeks to process.

About you

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This document should be up to two pages long, or a maximum of 600 words.

Please use the filename format: '[SurnameFirstInitial] CV 2024', to help us locate the file on our server.

About your PhD

About your plans for the future

About your request for funding support

Are you seeking support before being awarded your PhD or after?
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About your host institution

About your references

Please provide the names and contact details (including email addresses) of two referees who are able to comment on your suitability for this post-doc transitional support from the SSA. This would ordinarily include your current senior supervisor (or equivalent). It can also include your proposed future supervisor.

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Please tick the box below to confirm that you have read the guidance notes and understand and agree to abide by the conditions of the SSA
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