'Drug Policy & the Public Good': overview of findings from a new SSA-supported international review of evidence

First published: 09/05/2019 | Last updated: May 20th, 2019

For the launch of its third edition, Professor Sir John Strang will introduce the influential and highly-regarded Drug Policy & the Public Good, followed by more detailed contributions by some of the book’s co-authors:

  • Introduction to purpose and process of the new edition of ‘Drug Policy & the Public Good‘ (John Strang)
  • How is the drug problem vary globally, and how is it changing? (Ingeborg Rossow)
  • What does the scientific evidence tell us about the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation? (Keith Humphreys)
  • What does the scientific evidence tell us about the effectiveness of prevention? (David Foxcroft)

November 2017


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Professor John Strang