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A searchable, annotated list of web-based resources of interest to people teaching others about addiction, including information about best practice, teaching materials, and video examples. Also see the link to Drug & Alcohol Findings for the Drug and Alcohol Matrices, and commentaries on key research papers.

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These factsheets, aimed at medical students, cover substance misuse across medical disciplines and include common clinical presentations and management of such within four categories: these are Clinical Presentations; Specialities and Settings; Communication,treatment and prevention interventions; and Distinctive Groups. They were developed for the Substance Misuse in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum project.

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Addiction Related Courses

We hope that you will find this a useful resource. However, because these courses tend to change from year to year and often at short notice we cannot guarantee that it is a complete list of all eligible UK addictions courses, nor can we absolutely guarantee that the information will be up to date when you come to read it. Please visit the institution's website or contact them directly to confirm that the course you are interested in is available.

Please note that this list is provided for information purposes only. You should check the syllabus carefully to see if it covers what you want to learn.

The SSA has an annual bursary budget to fund students taking UK-based addictions students, disbursed on a rolling basis throughout the year.

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