Those of you who attended the SSA conference last week will know what a success it was. Our continued thanks go to the organisers, support team and the platform. Everything about online conferences is new, and yet it went so smoothly, as if it were business as usual.

On which note, all the posters (that we are able to share) are now available online; click here to see them. This year, our online collection of posters includes the authors’ presentations.

You can, if you wish, set up several screens and play the poster presentations simultaneously in full-screen mode. This way you can recreate the sights and sounds of a regular conference poster area. Wander round the screens with a sandwich for the full immersive experience.

And, although everyone is a winner, there are also actual winners. Congratulations to Dr Robert Heirene, Leon Y. Xiao and to everyone who presented a poster this year!

In the non-student category:


A randomised control trial to evaluate messages that promote limit setting and the effects of limits on online gambling behaviour
Dr Robert Heirene

Highly commended

The neuroeconomics of cannabis use in frequent users: Cannabis reward value signals remain intact but non-drug reward value signals are absent
Dr Will Lawn

Evaluation of a gambling therapy outreach support model as an intervention response to COVID-19 lockdown
Dragos Dragomir-Stanciu

‘The more times I have a time of abstinence and then go back to it, the quicker the tolerance level shoots right up like a thermostat on a hot day’: A qualitative study of changes in the development of opioid tolerance on re-exposure
Dr Jonna Kesten


And in the student category:


Loot box prevalence and video game companies’ interpretations of loot box probability disclosure regulations in the People’s Republic of China
Leon Y. Xiao

Highly commended

Modelling value-based decision-making in regular alcohol consumers after experimental manipulation of the value of alcohol
Amber Copeland

COVID-19 and Opiate Dependence: The effect of lockdown restrictions on the referral and management of patients starting on Opiate Substitution Therapy
Henry Finn

Alcohol consumption patterns during isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic: Highlighting negative emotionality mechanisms
Samantha Sallie

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