Qualitative Methods Journal Club

An SSA-funded initiative, aimed at increasing knowledge of good practice in qualitative research

The Qualitative Method’s Journal Club (QMJC) is overseen by Professor Jo Neale from King’s College London, and is hosted by different academic institutions on a rolling six-month programme. Participants meet monthly to discuss a good-quality qualitative research paper, and then provide a summary of the discussion for others to read on the SSA website. Over time, the hope is that this will develop into a library of good practice, which those interested in conducting qualitative research in the field of addiction can access. To date, host universities have been sited in Australia, Canada, Denmark, the UK, and the US.

Aarhus University

  • Stories of recovery and change

  • Nightclubs as a ‘heterosexual marketplace’

  • Insight into the impact of needle exchange

  • ‘Passing out’ stories

Deakin University

  • The growing demand for methamphetamine in northern Thailand

  • Revisiting the ageing cohort theory

  • The lived effects of prison drugs policy

  • ‘Addiction is being reframed through scientific interest in obesity’

Drexel University

  • Social disapproval of cannabis use

  • The relationship between vaping and smoking

  • Using diaries to understand HIV risk behaviours

  • Reaching hidden or hard-to-reach populations

Glasgow Caledonian University

  • Using photographs to explore adolescent substance use

  • Middle-class drinking habits

  • Men’s drinking, masculinities, and the male body

  • Peer harm reduction in British Columbia

King’s College London

  • Different survival strategies between African American and White men

  • A novel, women-only drug consumption room

  • Rethinking the causal link between age and drug-related deaths

  • Risk behaviours for HIV and the ‘syndemics framework’

La Trobe University

  • Drinking, sex, and consent, as shaped through women’s friendships

  • MDMA at a music festival

  • Party ‘n’ play practices among gay men

  • What it means to be a ‘good parent’ when you use drugs

Simon Fraser University

  • Routine police harassment of people who use drugs

  • From ‘feeling disconnected’ to ‘imagining a future’

  • Linguistic choices around addiction

  • Policing in a South African city

University of British Columbia

  • The racialised dynamics of the opioid crisis

  • ‘Some types of evidence are privileged over others’

  • Opposition to a methadone clinic

  • A resident’s guide to space and stigma

University of Toronto

  • A novel analysis of cannabis legalisation

  • What increases the likelihood of blackouts?

  • Human interactions and rituals within an open drug scene

  • Using psychedelics for drug treatment

UNSW Sydney

  • Media coverage of a heroin prescription trial

  • ‘Thinking differently’ about pleasure and addiction

  • A case study of stigmatised identities

  • Homelessness and the ‘ordinary phenomenon’ of sleep

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