The web team has created new landing pages for a range of addiction concepts and interventions – the latest of which are acupuncture, behavioural couples therapy, and co-production. Read on to learn why we think ‘getting the basics right’ is so important.

If you missed our introduction to the new landing pages last month, here is a quick recap…

The main purpose of these pages, as described by website editor Rob Calder, is to give the reader the basics about what an intervention or policy is, how it works, its effectiveness, and any equality and diversity considerations, as well as provide links to further reading for those who want to know more:

“These landing pages will serve many purposes. First, they will help you if you have just momentarily forgotten something and want a quick and simple explanation for that meeting or key working session you forgot about, but that has become very real and that will start in about 5 minutes. Second, they will provide a core page for experts in that area to refer back to for the latest interviews, lectures and discussion points.”

He explained:

“I have found myself, on numerous occasions, chasing round the internet looking for a basic explanation of what something actually is. Sometimes it’s easier to find the syntax code for a complex statistical analysis than it is to find a straight-forward explanation. We hope to address this imbalance.”

In the latest batch of landing pages we present the basics on acupuncture, behavioural couples therapy, and co-production (click on the images below).

You can visit the website’s Knowledge Hub to browse the growing collection of resources, which to date also includes:

by Natalie Davies

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